Model No.  CK4600

AIN Ultra Performance Thermal Compound
CK4600 is an ultra conductive thermal compound which is developed for high performance heat sink. The product is made of Aluminum Nitride with instant thermal conductivity. It only takes a small amount for each application to greatly enhance the performance of heat sink. With completely insulation property, it can be widely apply to all chips and electronic components without dangerous of short circuit. CK4600 is your optimal choice for performance and safety purpose.
● Unique AIN Material
● Extreme Thermal Conductivity
● Completely Insulation
  • ColorGray
  • Thermal Conductivity> 5.70 W/m-k
  • Thermal Resistance < 0.04 ℃-in²/W
  • Specific Gravity> 3.1 ± 0.2
  • Operation Temperature-40 ~ 180 ℃
  • Net Weight3 g
  • Silicone Compounds10 %
  • Carbon Compounds> 40 %
  • Metal Oxide Compounds45 ~ 50 %
1.      Completely clean up the surface of chip and heat sink before using CK4600.
2.      Do not swallow, avoid eyes contact and keep children out from reach.
3.      Keep away from heat and store in cool location.
** About AIN (Aluminum Nitride)
AlN is one of few nonmetallic solid that with high thermal conductivity and completely insulation. It usually apply to high power electronic component for thermal conductive or filling material, it is also the most important composed material of precision ceramic.
The common apply are as below:
The filling and thermal conductive material for heat sink.
The composed material of precision ceramic.
The structure and foundation plate material of integrated circuit.
The filling material of high power electronic component.
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