Model No.  CK4000

Nano-Sliver Thermal Compound
This high conductivity thermal compound is produced particularity for overclockers. It is made of silver material by nanometer production process. It's other various materials are also with much better properties than regular thermal compounds. Spreading small amount thermal compound on chipset surface or heatsink bottom, it enhances heat dissipation performance tremendously.
  • ColorGray
  • Thermal Conductivity> 3.65 W/m-k
  • Thermal Resistance < 0.015 ℃-in²/W
  • Specific Gravity2.6 ± 0.2
  • Operation Temperature-30~240℃
  • Net Weight3 g
  • Silicone Compounds20%
  • Carbon Compounds20 %
  • Metal Oxide Compounds26 %
  • Silver Compounds34 %
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