Model No.  CK4200

Nano Carbon Thermal Compound
CK4200 is an ultra conductive thermal compound which is developed for hi-performance heat sink. The product is made of Nano Carbon nitride with instant conductivity and complete insulation. It only takes a small amount for each application to greatly enhance the performance of the heat sink. Besides, CK4200 is totally free from the possibly electric conduction of those metallic based thermal compound, and therefore it can be widely applied to any hot chip or electronic component. CK4200 is your optimal choice for performance and safety purpose.
● Nano Carbon material
● Instant Conductivity
● Complete Insulation
● High Performance & Safety
  • ColorGray
  • Thermal Conductivity> 4.50W/m-k
  • Thermal Impedance< 0.02 °C-in² / W
  • Specific Gravity2.8 ± 0.2
  • Operating Temp.-40 °C ~ 180 °C
  • Weight3g
  • Dimethyl Siloxane20~25%
  • Zinc Oxide>50%
  • Nano Carbon Powder20~25%
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